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Health coach Jessica, ready to help you improve our health


I'm Jess, and I'm so glad you stopped by.

I believe that the body is a fascinating, beautifully designed gift that should be nurtured, and that when we give it the tools it needs, it can accomplish amazing things. Because of this, I am passionate about continuing to learn (and sharing what I find!) - about our environment, our food, and the root-cause approach to wellness. But that's a fairly recent development for me... 

Up until my mid-20's, I basically took my good health for granted. I led a pretty active life and made food choices based mainly on what I felt like having and what was economical. Then, for reasons unknown at the time, my health and limitations began evolving. I gradually became more and more restricted as the fatigue, pain and neurological symptoms increased, to the point where I was seriously considering whether I could continue to work. For my whole life up until that point, I had been none-the-wiser about the environmental hazards we are regularly exposed to by our food and water, or how those hazards and our food choices in general affect one's health. I was under the general impression that as long as I passed my yearly physical I was in good health, and "disease" was simply a random condition that might happen or might not. Little did I know that a journey that began with a little research would bring me to where I am now! 


Despite having an excellent doctor, about 10 years went by with no answers. Because I didn't want to just throw medication at an unknown problem, the main tool available to me was nutrition. As I began to understand more and more about how our food and lifestyle choices directly impact our health on a cellular level, I realized that the foundation for illness is laid years and years before discernable symptoms arise, when cellular function is compromised by continued exposure to environmental toxins, highly processed foods, etc. I also began to see that masking symptoms is very different from providing the body with what it needs to heal. My fascination with the root-cause approach was born. My husband Josh and I applied ourselves to cleaning up our diet (while still eating for enjoyment!) by emphasizing whole foods and clean, sustainable protein, going organic where possible, and really limiting foods that in the long run don't contribute to reaching wellness milestones. That being said, I absolutely never run out of chocolate... 


​Along the way, a dear friend introduced us to the 90-Day Reset, and I'm so glad she did! While I had made significant progress with the changes we had implemented, I was still struggling to stay functional on a daily basis. "Crashes" were getting more frequent and more intense, and we were running out of ideas. Within a couple weeks of beginning the program, I was sleeping better, experiencing more energy and having less pain and inflammation. The longer I continued with it, the more stable my health became. The Reset gave my body the clean, organic nutrition it needed to fight an unseen battle and allowed me to not only continue working but also to start taking up activities I had sacrificed years before, like hiking, skiing and socializing freely without fear of a significant crash afterward.


​In time, the unseen battle finally got a name. We discovered that I had a combination of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, mold poisoning and heavy metal toxicity, which had definitely done quite a bit of damage. Looking back, Josh and I are convinced that that our dietary decisions, particularly the Reset, made all the difference in getting through those 10 years with the level of functionality that I had. With the proper treatment and support, I am progressing along the path back to wellness, and now I love to share the 90-Day Reset with as many as possible. It brings me real joy to help people reach milestones as they regain their health, and along with it the freedom to do the things they love with the people they love.​


Feel free to explore, and to reach out with any questions. Thanks for visiting!

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