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  • What can I eat/not eat on the Reset? Do I have to be keto, vegan, etc?
    It's completely up to you! The Reset can be used with any eating model out there. Here's how it works: There are guidelines and recommendations provided that if followed carefully will certainly assist in reaching your wellness goals. That being said, everyone is different and what works great for one person may be detrimental to someone else. When we chat during your consultation, I may make some suggestions based on your goals and circumstances, but no one will tell you that you can't have coffee, or meat, or dairy, etc. The basic principle to aim for is to focus on whole, clean foods and minimize or eliminate processed foods/beverages and sugar, and the more closely one adheres to that principle, the better their results will be. The program is also a great opportunity to learn more about your body, so I encourage you to experiment with your food choices and habits and see what things may be helping or hindering you on your journey. You may be surprised! As always, I'll be right here to support you.
  • How exactly do you use the program?
    It's flexible, but here's the basic outline... For two of your meals (you pick), have 1 shake and 5 essential amino tablets. The shake is super easy, you can make it as simple as 1/3 cup of powder in 10-20 ounces of the liquid of your choice, or you can dress it up with fruit, avocado, cocoa powder, nut butter, ice, make it yours! And because this is not about deprivation (!), the shakes can be in place of or a supplement to your meals. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two shakes, or have a shake in the morning, a regular lunch, and a shake for dinner, or any combination thereof. And you can change it up every day if you like. It really is up to you. Your third meal is whatever you want to have, and snacking is also completely up to you. Again, the basic principle is more whole foods, less processed foods, less sugar. You'll take your gut support morning and evening, and have a couple tablespoons of cherry juice about an hour before bed. It makes a very relaxing nightcap mixed with hot water like a tea, or you can put it in your water throughout the day if you prefer. It's a simple, flexible routine that can be fit pretty easily into just about any schedule, and I've found it to be particularly helpful when things are completely crazy! The busier life gets, the more support we need to function well, but healthy eating can get run over by the need for convenience. With the 90-Day Reset, we can support our wellness without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Sounds good to me!
  • Why is it 90 days? Can I do less?
    The Reset is meant to assist in making lifestyle changes, a shift toward healthier habits in general. It takes time to establish new habits, so while a person can choose to utilize the program for less than 90 days, I honestly don't recommend it. Also, as we make that shift toward wellness, the body has a lot of vital "housecleaning" to do as it learns to put all those nutrients to good use! Those who commit to the full 90 days (or longer) are much more likely to enjoy strong results and meet their milestones. After all, those 90 days are going to pass either way - doesn't it make sense to spend them on working toward your goals?
  • Is this a "diet"?
    Nope! Personally, I truly don't believe that restrictive food choices (unless medically necessary) and calorie-counting are good tools to use to meet wellness goals. Deprivation is neither enjoyable or sustainable, and all too often, hard-won results disappear when the diet becomes overwhelming. The Reset focuses on nourishing the body with top-quality, bioavailable nutrition so it can function at its best. It can also be a really powerful tool to either form or maintain a healthy relationship with food. Eating is a gift we should enjoy! There are no weigh-ins, no counting, no food diaries. Simply focus on shifting more toward whole foods and less toward processed foods and sugar, and watch your wellness milestones get closer and closer!
  • Is this a quick fix?
    No, I can't say that it is. Health and wellness is a lifelong journey. It (usually) takes a long time for unpleasant health concerns to develop, and they generally take a corresponding amount of time to resolve. To go along with the "Why 90 days?" question, our health is impacted to a great degree by our habits and the Reset is meant to be a tool to help shift those habits and therefore our health. It was not deigned to be used for radical weight loss in an unsafely short period of time, for example, and I'm not going to tell you that two weeks into it all your troubles will have disappeared. I wish I could, but that's just not realistic! What it is, however, is a way to empower your body with the nutrition it needs to build healthy cells, tissues and organs, and as a result, you'll see sustainable improvement in your health and quality of life.
  • What results can I expect from the Reset?
    Better digestion, more energy, less stress, refreshing sleep, improved mood, less bloating, less pain and inflammation, healthy weight management...shall I go on? As your body begins to assimilate the abundant nutrition you're pouring in, it can begin building and repairing cells with the high-quality building blocks it was designed to use. Stronger cells lead to stronger tissues, organs and systems, which contributes to improved bodily function. As the gut microbiome begins to shift in favor of the "good" bacteria, immune function improves, lowering the inflammation response. Many have experienced positive changes in mood as their microbiome becomes healthier, as well as increased absorption of nutrients and better digestion. As hormones begin to balance out, sleep comes easier and waking up becomes less painful - literally and figuratively! Refreshing sleep and better absorption of nutrients leads to more energy, and with less inflammation, joint and muscle pain won't be holding you back from the things you love to do. And as processed foods are replaced with whole nutritious foods, metabolic hormones begin to stabilize so sustainable weight loss can take place. Important note: This is not a miracle cure, and the above information is representative of what is most often the case for those who commit to a minimum of 90 days. It is not in any way a claim that any and every person will experience any and all of those results. The results and the timeline will vary from person to person and will be impacted by preexisting/underlying health conditions and personal commitment to the program. This is in no way a substitute for advice from a medical professional. Please seek the advice of your physician before beginning this or any other health program.
  • How soon will I see improvement? Will I feel worse before I feel better?
    Again, that's dependent on where you're starting and why I strongly encourage folks to commit to the full 90 days. Some may see results quickly while others may see more happening later on, and especially in the beginning there can be a mix of good days and tired days due to detoxing. Keep in mind that you may have years' worth of accumulated damage for your body to work through and repair, so even if it seems like things are slow to start, a lot is going on behind the scenes! As your system catches up, improvement will come a lot faster. About detoxing: As the body puts those building blocks to use, it has some housecleaning to do too. Highly processed foods, stress, trauma and exposure to environmental toxins (which is more common than you might think) all leave our systems with a buildup of cellular junk that has to be removed. Think of it like this: If you go on a massive cleaning spree and empty all your closets and cabinets out with the goal of sorting through and tossing stuff you don't want, what will the house look like at first? A disaster, right? It will take some time and effort before the end goal materializes and you have a neat, clean space with less clutter. The same is true of our bodies. When we start detoxing, we're opening up cells and throwing everything out into the open, where it is seen and tagged by the immune system. When we do that too fast, we get what some call a "healing crisis" or a Herxing reaction. It varies from person to person, but sometimes it can get a little rough. That's part of what I'm here for! The coaching process is in place to help minimize the detox to a level an individual can handle comfortably, so while there may be a few "detoxy" days in there it shouldn't be a terrible experience. The body does this in stages, so it's not uncommon to have spells of it later on in the process. It's normal!
  • What comes after the 90 days?
    Great question! You have some options. If you love how you're feeling and you want to keep right on going, or you have more goals you want to reach, you can choose to continue with the program indefinitely. If you're happy with where you're at and you want to maintain it, there is a maintenance program available that features half the amount of each product. This is a great way to keep going strong with all that fantastic progress you've made! Also, you can choose to take a break for whatever period of time you want. You can always do another Reset when you're ready to feel amazing again!
  • How much does the Reset cost?
    It works out to $5.50-$6 per meal, so the 90-Day Reset is about $11.50-$12 a day and the maintenance program is about $6 per day. Let's break that down: Each shake is the nutritional equivalent of 6-7 organic salads, and each serving of essential amino acids roughly equals the protein content of a 12.5 ounce steak. Two tablespoons of the tart cherry juice contains about 30 organic cherries, and the gut support is there as well. I don't know about you, but there's no way I could source (or eat!) 14 organic salads, 25 ounces of steak and 30 cherries for $12 a day! It's especially attractive given that it's all shipped right to your door - no groceries, minimal prep work and minimal cleanup. And it's an investment that will pay you back many times over as you reach your goals. Win-win-win!
  • Can I talk to my doctor about this?
    Absolutely, please do! This program is very effective, but it is not meant to be a replacement for healthcare. And while I'm here to help you make practical use of this tool to reach your wellness milestones, I'm not a doctor and I'm not pretending to be one. If there's ever a conflict between something about the program, or my advice, and what your doctor says, 100% please listen to your doctor. All of this is especially true if you are on medication and/or have a serious underlying health problem. If you would like specifics on the products or on any aspect of the Reset, reach out on the Contact page and I will provide documents that you can give to your doctor to review. I'm also happy to explain the program to your doctor if that makes it easier. I'm here to help!
  • How much does coaching cost?
    Nothing at all, it's free! When you sign up for the 90-Day Reset, you get unlimited one-on-one coaching to help with everything from customer service to utilizing the program to celebrating milestones. And coaching is available via email, FaceTime, Zoom, text and phone. I'm here to help you succeed!
  • I want to just do the program by myself. Is the coaching mandatory?
    No, not at all. I strongly recommend taking advantage of it to some degree so that you get the most out of your investment, but I also understand if you would rather keep your health matters private. I will never pressure you to share more than you're comfortable with, and you are always welcome to contact me if you change your mind. I'm only a text away!
  • I want to do the Reset, but I don't want to open a business. Is that ok?
    Of course! There is no obligation of any kind here. The business opportunity will always be available to you should you change your mind, but you'll never get any pressure from me!
  • How much money will I make?
    Good question! You will earn a generous 20% commission on every sale you make, and the number of sales you make is 100% in your court. There are also regular bonus and incentive opportunities. If you'd like more specific information, head on over to the Contact page, drop me a line and I'll send you an up-to-date outline of the official Compensation Plan.
  • How much does it cost to start my business?
    That depends on how you go about it, but either way it isn't much. Enrollment is complimentary if you are doing the 90-Day Reset, or for a small fee you can choose to purchase a launch pack without buying product. That's the only investment you'll need to make aside from a small monthly order of product for personal use, to be considered "active" and remain eligible to receive commissions. There are no dues and you are not required to buy inventory to resell. That's it!
  • How would I make sales? I don't have a background in sales, and I'm not a "salesy" person.
    I get it! I'm SO not a sales person and I wondered the same thing. The answer is simple though - talk about it! But rest assured that there's no need to be that aggressive sales person who makes everyone cringe. As your family, friends and coworkers see you getting healthier and happier, they'll be curious about how you're doing it. Who doesn't want to sleep better, or get rid of headaches, or have a happier belly? Document your new journey on Instagram, Facebook or favorite social media platform. Share your goals and your progress, and your friends will have questions! Not a social media person? That's ok, I'm not really either. In that case, while you're chatting with people, casually mention that your new adventure is really helping reduce your heartburn and you have so much more energy, or whatever other wellness milestone you're reaching. Let your natural enthusiasm about feeling better shine through, because word of mouth and curiosity are powerful!
  • What kind of support/training will I get?
    It's pretty extensive (and free), and it covers everything from product details to business coaching to how to succeed on social media and much more. You will have access to a massive knowledge base, a library of training articles and videos, ongoing Zoom meetings, an app, a portal to chat with experts at the home office, and of course I'll be available as well. If I don't have the answer to your question, then we'll track it down together. You'll have the great experience of working for yourself but never by yourself!
  • What if I sign up for the business and then change my mind?
    No problem! You can withdraw at any time with no penalties, and since you aren't going to invest any money aside from buying product for personal use, there's nothing to lose. And if you change your mind again, you can jump back on board!
  • Is this a pyramid scheme?
    Absolutely not. I had the same question, and I did a lot of research to make sure. This is a multi-level marketing system (MLM) and although it may look similar to a pyramid scheme on the surface, there are some key differences. In a pyramid scheme, often no real products are sold and members make money based solely on the number of people they recruit. In an MLM, real products are sold and members are paid for their sales whether or not they bring any new members to the team. Also, pyramid schemes require you to invest your own money in fees, inventory or other areas in order to join. In an MLM, and specifically this one, there are no dues and you are not required to buy inventory to resell. And enrollment is complimentary if you are doing the 90-Day Reset. You can choose to purchase a launch pack without buying product if you choose, but that's the only investment you'll need to make aside from a small monthly order of product for personal use, to be considered "active" and remain eligible to receive commissions. That's it!

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