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Do you
your job?
Would you like to?

What if I told you that you could have a job that can be completely tailored to fit your circumstances? That you could work for yourself, but not by yourself? And that you could not only enjoy it, but make money doing it? It may sound "too good to be true", but it isn't! If you want to make a difference helping people improve their health and wellness with the 90-Day Reset,

then we've got room for you!

This is a unique business opportunity in that it can be made to work for virtually anyone that wants to take advantage of it. Are you curious, but have no background in health and wellness? No problem! As part of a network, you have unlimited access to top-notch, ongoing training across multiple platforms and the chance to work with a fun and supportive team. If you have the drive, we'll help you build your very own business. At the same time, as far as how you integrate your business into your life, you're the boss! There are no mandatory obligations of any kind.

Does the idea of working remotely appeal to you? If so, keep reading! As long as you have a phone, a computer and internet access, you can work from anywhere - the backyard, the beach, another country - literally anywhere!

When it comes to scheduling, you call the shots! This business can be scaled according to your personal goals. Are you a busy mom looking to make a little extra money every month? Do you have a full-time job already but want to supplement your income for that special trip you've been saving up for? Or maybe you've always wanted to start your own business, but have been a little intimidated by the idea. Wherever you stand, you can put as much or as little time into it as works for you. You can jump in and make it a full-time affair, or you can go slow and steady. If you need a break, no worries! Put it aside and come back to it when you're ready.

Are you wondering what it will cost you to be in business? Again, it's as good as it gets! You don't need to keep any inventory on hand - the home office will take care of shipping orders, receiving customer payment and paying you. So there's no worry about buying product and hoping you'll be able to sell it, and on that note, there are no quotas to fill either. There are no franchise fees or dues to pay either, and your enrollment is complimentary with the purchase of your 90-Day Reset. As long as you continue making a minimal monthly order of products for personal use, you'll be eligible to receive commissions. If you don't make an order in a particular month, that's ok. You won't receive commissions on customer orders placed that month, but you won't be penalized either. Just go back to ordering when you're ready and you'll be getting paid again! 

Speaking of getting paid, the compensation plan is excellent, consisting of very generous commissions on all customer orders as well as ongoing bonus opportunities. This is a great way to work compared to a "dollars for hours" pay structure, since the amount of money you can earn isn't necessarily limited to the amount of time you can devote to it. Also, you'll be eligible to offer this same business opportunity to others, and you'll receive a percentage from their customers' orders as well. And to top it all off, you know how you can get an on-going 25% discount with my gift code, "Vibrantlywellagain"? Well, your business comes with your very own 25% discount code of your choosing too, and you can offer it to as many people as you want. That means you're improving your own health while helping friends, family and more to reach their own wellness milestones, while making money, while everyone saves money. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm sure you have a ton of other questions! No worries at all - just head on over to the FAQ page, and

or drop me a line below. Let's get you some answers!

Let's talk!

Don't worry, I hate spam too. I won't use your contact info for anything other than the follow-up that you request - and I certainly won't sell it!

Thanks for your message! I'm looking forward to talking with you, and I'll be in touch within a day.

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